Deer Hunter’s Guide to Playing the Wind

A Deer Hunter’s Guide to Playing the Wind

March 10, 2022 6 min read

Hunters often go to great extents to fool the senses of deer. Quiet gear and camouflage suits can help you with getting closer to deer, but it is largely about understanding the wind, which determines whether you go home empty handed or with a punched tag. Simply put, keeping your scent out of the nose of a buck matters most in deer woods.
Deer Stalking

A Beginner’s Guide to Deer Stalking

March 10, 2022 5 min read

Every time you are out for hunting, deer stalking may present you with a whole new set of challenges. So, even the most experienced of hunters can never be fully prepared when it is about deer stalking. Thankfully, there are several things you can do to accelerate your learning and up you odds of securing a stag. From wearing appropriate clothing to understanding how to make the most of wind direction, here are seven deer stalking tips for beginners.
Finding Buck Bedding Areas

Expert Tips for Finding Buck Bedding Areas

March 10, 2022 4 min read

When it is about finding and targeting buck bedding areas, one question that we always ask ourselves when we decide where to sit is — “Is the risk worth the reward?”

So, is there a way to know how close is too close – and can you get away with it? Unquestionably, there are times to place in order to play it safe, but that is not always the case. To get your hands on mature bucks consistently, you have to be aggressive many a time, particularly on public land.

Knowing bedding areas and animal habits can be challenging. Even the most experienced of hunters sometimes mess up the situation. But, but with every mistake they make, they learn a lesson. Experts suggest that if you are not bumping the animal and you are swearing at yourself occasionally, then you are not getting close enough. Obviously, the very first step to successfully identifying bedding areas is to find them.

Everything You Need To Know About Hunting On Public Lands

Everything You Need To Know About Hunting On Public Lands

December 11, 2021 5 min read

Hunters have played a major role in the conservation of the nation’s wildlife resources since the late 19th century. American conservation giants like Theodore Roosevelt and Aldo Leopold were both avid sportsmen. Their passion for wildlife and hunting helped shape our nation’s wildlife management philosophy and public lands as we know them. By maintaining ethical traditions and respecting nature, sportsmen and women continue to be vital stewards of wildlife and habitat today.

How To Find Public Land & Property To Hunt On

How To Find Public Land & Property To Hunt On

December 11, 2021 2 min read

Learn some of my tricks on how to find public land to hunt on.

Finding a place to hunt can be really tough these days, especially if you aren’t fortunate enough to own or lease some private hunting land. However, public land is another good option that doesn’t cost much to hunt on. While the quantity and quality of public land varies from state to state, the fact remains that there are millions of acres of public land to hunt on all over the United States, you’ve just got to find it first.
Tips and Tactics on How to Hunt Whitetail Deer

Tips and Tactics: How to Hunt Whitetail Deer

November 10, 2021 6 min read

Tips and Tactics: How to Hunt Whitetail Deer

The most talented trackers among us can discover, tail, and kill whitetails in lush territory. Different trackers "actually chase," or simplicity through the forest while filtering ahead for deerlike shapes and development. Moist, calm ground and a good wind are significant for as yet hunting achievement.

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